The Apprenticeship Levy

Announced in 2015, the Apprenticeship Levy aims to fund three million apprenticeships in the UK by 2020. It affects all organisations above a certain size, committing them to either taking on apprentices or paying a percentage fee of their PAYE wage bill. This website is designed to tell employers all they need to know about the Apprenticeship Levy, how to meet its requirements, how to recover the monies that you will pay to HMRC and how to get started.

What is the Apprenticeship Levy ?

The apprenticeship levy is a new tax. It starts in April 2017 and applies to all employers. If you’re annual payroll is more than £3m you will pay 0.5% into the apprenticeship levy each month. Read how the apprenticeship levy works here.

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Levy FAQ

Does the Apprenticeship Levy affect my organisation?

If your payroll comes to over £3m a year, the answer is yes.

What will it cost?

The basic charge is 0.5% of your PAYE bill. However, smaller companies can claim £15,000 training allowance to offset this. And if your training costs are more than this, the government have indicated that more funds will be available.

What is the aim of it?

While some are calling it a tax on business, the main aim is to persuade you to take on more apprentices.  They can be from outside your organisation, but you can also retrain current employees to take the next step on their career ladder, or to change direction. 

When does it come into force?

To allow businesses and other organisations to plan ahead, the Levy only takes effect in April 2017.

Are any employers exempt ?


An opportunity, or just another expense?

There’s a real shortage of skilled staff in many areas in the UK. Research also shows that the better you train your employees the longer they tend to stay, and the more positive the effect they have on your bottom line, as well as your organisation as a whole.

Does it affect Public Sector organisations as well as businesses?

Yes – for details see the Public Sector

What should my organisation be doing?

The short answer is that you should be planning now to make the most of what could be a real opportunity. If you get up and running now, before the Levy starts in April 2017, you could benefit from the current funding available and pay almost nothing for the training of your apprentices.

How is the government going to help me take on apprentices?

Employers will be issued with a digital voucher to enable them to purchase training from a recognised provider. Apprenticeships are also being categorised in different ways, with many more types of apprenticeship at different levels.

Has government stopped paying for apprenticeships ?

No, they will still ‘co-fund’ apprentices and pick up the bill for 90% of training costs if you are either;

a). too small to be levied …

b). you’ve spent all of your levy and want to train more apprentices

What’s the role of the London Apprenticeship Company in all this?

This website has been created by the London Apprenticeship Company (LAC), which works with employers and apprentices across London and the South-East to match candidates to opportunities. A government-recognised provider, to date we’ve helped well over 500 employers and placed over 5,000 apprentices.

We provide advice and training via our main London Apprenticeships website, and we also maintain the London Apprenticeships Jobs Board , which maintains a pool of hundreds of apprentice candidates.  We also have a sister organisation, the College of Apprenticeship Training, offering new standards in staff training and skills.

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